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How To Tell Your Career Story 

How To Tell Your Career Story?

What are we human beings made of? Maybe you lean towards Divine things, such as the soul, the physical, and the body, or perhaps you prefer more scientific explanations, and that’s fine. However, I can’t stop thinking about this quote from Uruguayan journalist Eduardo Galeano: 

“Scientists say we’re made of atoms, but a little bird told me we’re made of stories.”   

-Eduardo Galeano

You must think this article is taking on a poetic and unexpected air, but I promise you this has a goal. I want you to understand that your story has great power.  

Your story can be different from any movie. You don’t have to be Tony Stark or Maverick in Top Gun. Your story is unique and, as simple as it is, has excellent power. The power to connect, excite, empathize and inspire. 

Tell me about yourself… 

This is the most challenging interview question because it can make the recruiter more interested in you… or not. 

How to answer? Should I talk about my entire career? Will it be necessary to focus on my education? Is it time to talk about my challenges? How long should my response last? So many internal questions and scenarios I’m filtering through. 

The recruiter is interested in knowing how suitable you are for the position. Still, we cannot ignore that we are also human beings. A strictly professional response can seem somewhat robotic, so the challenge is finding the perfect balance between personal and work stories.

How to tell your Career Story? 

Storytelling is a mix between formulas, authenticity, and knowing your interviewer. That’s why it’s essential to: 

The Icing on the Cake 

The structure of your professional history depends on its coherence and how you show yourself as the ideal candidate. For that, follows this formula: 

Past – Present – Future. 

Bonus Tip: 

As in any story, you need to keep your balance. It is not about making it very personal, but not so cold that it refers strictly to the professional. Therefore, consider the following:

Let’s look at an example: 

Position:  Project Manager in a Marketing Agency. 
Interviewer: Talk to me about yourself… 


Now let’s recap:

A summary of how to tell the story of your career: 

And most importantly: be yourself, enjoy telling your story, smile when speaking and let your interviewer know how great you are. 

You got this!

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