The Foundation of Our Success

People First, Always

People First, Always

We lead with empathy, focus on building partnerships, and establish communities for Black and Brown people to thrive in.

Innclusion in our essence

Inclusion in our essence

We always look to trailblaze paths for Black and Brown communities to thrive and find the roles they want/need, keeping their perspectives as our north star.

Trusted Delivery

Trusted Delivery

We create, innovate, and execute at a high level on our goals, and you can expect that constantly.

We Learn and Do

We encourage people to build knowledge and try what works for them and what doesn’t, but to always try. Pushing the boundaries of your field is our recipe for success.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Jump Recruits was founded to bridge the racial equity gap for Black and Brown communities. With over a decade of corporate recruitment and HR experience, our CEO understood the need for an impactful diversity-led talent program centered on community, connections and careers.

At the core of Jump Recruits, we believe that everyone deserves an equal chance to succeed, and we're dedicated to helping our members do just that by providing access to a community where meaningful connections can be made and careers that can change the future for their families.

What we do is simple
We deliver

For Members

We deliver for you a supportive community and access to career opportunities that can change the trajectory of your life.

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For Companies

We deliver for you a recruitment solution that is efficient, cost-effective and that provides you the right candidate, at the right time for the right role.

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It's been a pleasure to work with JUMP Recruits on our diversity recruiting efforts over the past few years. They stayed closely engaged with our team throughout the whole process from brainstorming and idea generation to pushing us by asking tough questions, and continuing to communicate throughout execution.

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Jump Recruits is a technology-driven company focused on connecting Black and Brown talent with career advancement opportunities at some of the world's most well-known brands. We believe that a diverse workforce is essential to driving innovation and growth, and we're committed to helping companies expand their footprint.

Our online community provides a platform for Black and Brown talent to learn, grow, and connect with top employers. Members can apply for career opportunities, network with industry professionals, and access a range of career development resources to enhance their own professional brands.

We understand that members of the Black and Brown community often face barriers in the job market, and we strive to level the playing field by providing access to resources and opportunities that may otherwise be out of reach. We believe that everyone deserves an equal chance to succeed, and we're dedicated to helping our members achieve their professional goals.

At JUMP, we're using technology and innovation to bridge the gap and create a more equitable future for Black and Brown talent in the workforce.

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